twenty four's kiefer sutherland, mary lynn rajskub, jack bauer and chloe o'brian.
"That was so much fun! Kiefer is so funny, and it’s weird because for somebody that’s so dedicated to what he does and passionate about what he does, he also has this shy thing. He told a story about when he hosted SNL years ago, and you could tell he loved it, but he’s almost like nervous to do comedy or admit that he wants to do it. We were joking around on the set, and people were like, “You guys should host!” One day I asked my rep about the sketch, and I text Kiefer, and he’s like, “Yeah, figure that out for us. You’re the comedy person.” I was like, “Me?!” That was funny, he was like, “I’d do it with you,” and we both were really excited about it. I think we both wanted to do something live during the show, but the way it worked out ended up great because we were in the middle of shooting. We would not have been able to go there for rehearsal, so it ended up being really quick and really funny, and a great way to do that.”
— Mary Lynn Rajskub on doing SNL with Kiefer Sutherland (via fuckyeahjackandchloe)

'I can't believe he's teething,' says Kiefer Sutherland.

The elevator at the Palomar Hotel in Los Angeles ascends quickly to the 16th floor. I stand, staring unapologetically, as Kiefer Sutherland and Mary Lynn Rajskub stand next to me and talk. Well, perhaps that’s not accurate – Kiefer does the talking, complimenting various aspects of Rajskub’s status as a new mother (hence the above quote), while Mary Lynn embraces Kiefer from behind, exuding a silent affection for TV’s Jack Bauer that could, in no way, be construed as disingenuous. Kiefer is well under six feet tall and has a voice like a rock quarry, all gravel and dust. Despite his DUIs and past transgressions, Kiefer seems like a kind, intelligent, normal guy who ended up famous for probably every reason other than the fact he desired it. You get the sense that he never wanted the fame he holds, and would rather have a beer with a local townie than a martini with a Hollywood executive. Mary Lynn Rajskub the Actress is almost unrecognizable juxtaposed to Chloe O’Brian the Character. The actress is skinny, charmingly disheveled, and has smiled more in the last thirty seconds than Chloe has on all of her 24 seasons combined. The elevator bell dings, the 16th floor opens before us, Kiefer Sutherland gets out of my way, and I head to my room.

Oscar Dahl, BuddyTV Senior Writer, January 8th, 2009 (via fuckyeahjackandchloe)